Tips and Tricks to Make your Bathroom Stylish and Beautiful

Bathroom hacks will make time spent in the bathroom more tolerable. What’s more, you will probably want to pass on these hacks to everyone you know. These tips and tricks will make your bathroom so stylish you’ll just have to show it off.

Tips and Tricks to Make your Bathroom Stylish and Beautiful

  • Add spice racks to hang up lotions and hair care products.
  • Open the shower curtain at both ends for better air flow and a cleaner shower.
  • Screw a magazine holder onto the back of a cabinet door to store the hair dryer.
  • Bring wrinkled clothes in while you shower.
  • Use shampoo bottles to keep the shower curtain in place.
  • Use coat hooks instead of towel rods to hang shared towels.
  • Apply magnetic strips behind cabinet doors to hold tweezers, bobby pins, and other magnetic objects, like cosmetic brushes.
  • An extra shower curtain rod adds extra storage space.
  • Hang a bookshelf over the door for added space.
  • Turn your shaving cream upside down to avoid rust marks.
  • A dry sink makes an excellent amplifier.



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