Top 5 Ways to Redo your Home

Revamping your home is not an easy task. There are so many things to be considered to give an amazing makeover to your existng decor. And on top of that, it requires a lot of money too. But we have made it an easy task for you with just a little money. Why not take a look at these 5 easy options to redo your home without having to spend a fortune?

Paint it new!

If you have budget just enough just for one particular thing, then you must consider investing in painting. This is an easy and effective makeover solution. If you cannot afford to get the entire house or an entire room done, just get one wall painted. For example, you can opt to paint one wall in a focal colour or paint your ceiling a shade lighter than the walls of the room. Or you can also consider painting a rectangle area behind your sofa to use as a gallery space, where you can arrange your favourite wall-hangings or paintings.

Dress up the windows

Give your home a new lease of life by just dressing up the windows! You can choose to give your windows a new look by having double curtains. Have a sheer net one underneath the main curtain. This gives a classy look while allowing a lot of sunlight and air in. You can get curtains at all price ranges and they come in a variety of patterns and styles too! Or you could use old silk fabrics that you already have, to create your own drapes and styles.

Add you own touches

If your budget does not allow any revamping, but you are still keen to go for it, then you can add your own touches to the existing décor without having to spend anything! Here is how:

  • Rearrange the existing furniture; your home will look different within minutes.
  • You can do the same with decorative articles and accessories, like vases, paintings, cushions, lamps, etc.
  • Small items like cushions, curtains, vases, etc. can have a big impact on the overall look of the house. Change fading cushion-covers and curtains from time to time to avoid the worn-out look.
  • Art is another winner. You can dig into your old collection of paintings or artwork and place them appropriately in the room for a nice new look.

Decluttering is the best revamp

Believe it or not, decluttering your living space is the best way to give it a new look. It is easy, convinient and costs absolutely nothing! Nothing tops a well-organised, neat and tidy house. You might not even realise how much space that might be wasted with old decorative articles, wall-hangings, chairs, etc. Systematise everything from your clothes and shoes to books. Put them in their allotted drawers and shelves. Get rid of old furniture and cushions. You will be amazed how much difference just cleaning-up your home can make.

Bring some nature in

Flowers and greenery are excellent ways to enhance the beauty of any home. You can get potted plants and flowers for your vases in any local market. Place them in different corners of the house to give a fresh and vibrant feel to space. But, make sure you care for them well. Nothing can be more off-putting than wilted flowers and yellowing plants in the house. If you find fresh flowers too expensive to change frequently, you can get artificial flowers stems that look as good as real.





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